DSCN0531 Here's Jayson on the road to Rob's house for Thanksgiving. DSCN0533 Here's Savannah trying to stay occupied during the trip. DSCN0534 Here's Bex enjoying the scenery. DSCN0537 Judi says this doesn't look right... DSCN0535 We drove 50 miles on this tire. DSCN0538 Here's Rob cooking dinner on Friday night. DSCN0542 Here are Mike and Jayson working on Thanksgiving dinner. DSCN0543 Here's Jayson trying to figure out Rob's spice cabinet. DSCN0544 Judy and Rebecca are talking while Rob and Zey figure out how to whip cream. DSCN0546 Bexley and Savannah before dinner. DSCN0548 Here are Savannah, Matty and Bexley. DSCN0551 Here's Judi getting a soda from the fridge, Mike posing for the camera and Zey putting dishes in the sink. DSCN0558 Zey and Mike posing for one more picture before they leave for home. 100_0270